Water Monitoring System Accessories Products

Everything you need to complete the job. From calibration solutions and extra cables to replacement parts and well accessories, you’ll find it here.

Device Communication

Wireless TROLL Com

Provides wireless communication between a cabled, deployed Aqua TROLL or Level TROLL instrument and a PC/laptop or Android mobile device.

7-inch Rugged Android Tablet

Use with the VuSitu Mobile App and your Aqua TROLL, Level TROLL, or smarTROLL instrument for instant data and spot-checking results.

Wireless Rugged TROLL Com

Provides wireless communication between a cabled, deployed Rugged TROLL 100 or 200 and a PC/laptop or Android mobile device.


Rugged Cable Splitter

Split off a connection on a single cable and chain as many instruments together as needed.

smarTROLL Cable

Connects a smarTROLL MP or smarTROLL RDO Handheld Probe to the smarTROLL Battery Pack.


Provides real-time data communication for In-Situ instruments.


Desiccant Refill Kit

Replacement desiccant for the Large, Extra Large, and Outboard Desiccants.

Aqua Troll Replacement Desiccant

Replacement desiccant for the Aqua Troll 600

Large Desiccant (Titanium Connector)

Protects instruments and cables during deployments.


smarTROLL Power Pack US Wall Charger

Provides power from a North American wall outlet to a USB cable.

smarTROLL Power Pack Universal Wall Charger

Provides power from any wall outlet to a USB cable.

TROLL Replaceable Battery Pack

Replaceable battery pack that supplements internal battery power for Level TROLL, Aqua TROLL, or BaroTROLL Data Loggers.


Aqua TROLL Turbidity Standard

NIST-traceable turbidity calibration solution (polymer suspension) for Aqua TROLL 600 in 500 mL volumes. Available in 10 NTU, 100 NTU, 1000 NTU, 2000 NTU, or 4000 NTU.

Ammonium Calibration Kit

Calibration standard for ammonium Ion Sensitive Electrodes (ISEs).

Aqua TROLL 100 & 200 Calibration Cup

Calibration cup for an Aqua TROLL 100/200.

Maintenance & Replacement Parts

Cube 300S Mounting Bracket

Mount a Cube 300S Telemetry System to a Wall.

Tube 300R In-Well Bail

Secures a Tube 300R inside a well.

Aqua TROLL Weighted Restrictor Kit

For use with the AquaTROLL 600 for profiling, deep wells, and high-flow deployments.


Aqua TROLL Antifouling Restrictor

Prevents biological fouling from accumulating on the Aqua TROLL 600 Mulitparameter Sonde.

TROLL Shield Complete Antifouling System for Aqua TROLL 200

Antifouling nose cone and conductivity guard for Aqua TROLL 200.

RDO PRO Antifouling Guard

Reduce biological fouling of RDO PRO and RDO PRO-X Probes.


smarTROLL Multiparameter Low-Flow Kit

Everything you need to conduct low-flow groundwater sampling.

smarTROLL Multiparameter Low-Flow Base Plate

Base plate for stabilizing the smarTROLL Multiparameter Low-Flow system.

smarTROLL Multiparameter Low-Flow Pelican Case

Field-ready protective case that holds everything needed to perform Low-Flow groundwater sampling.

Cleaning and Safety

Nitrile Gloves

Powder-free nitrile gloves.

Alconox Powder Detergent

Concentrated, anionic powder detergent.

Well Accessories

Expandable Locking Well Cap

Expandable, lockable well cap.

Well Cable Hanger for Expandable Locking Well Cap

Secure your cable or suspension wire when using an expandable locking well cap.

Well Dock and Sleeve

Creates a secure anchor point for cables and suspension wires at the top of a well.

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