Aquaculture Applications

Increase your yields while reducing costs at your growing operation. In-Situ’s easy-to-use equipment keeps your hatchery running smoothly, even in harsh conditions. Our solutions simplify aquaculture management, boosting efficiency through faster, more accurate monitoring.

“The TROLL 9500 units are easy to calibrate, and we don’t have to recalibrate as often as some of our other instruments. So far the TROLL 9500s have been really reliable, and they were easy to integrate with the ISCO 6712 samplers.”

Mike Piehler

University of North Carolina

Fish Pond Management, Aquaculture Management

Solutions for Aquaculturists

From fish pond management to hatchery support, In-Situ solutions help your fish thrive. Our aquaculture water quality sensors let you optimize pond conditions, with real-time data and automated alerts that help prevent fish kills and allow you to respond to changes instantly. You can even lease our equipment.