Aquifer Characterization Applications

Our durable water level sensors help you collect high quality, meaningful data. Increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your pumping and slug tests, reducing field time with longer lasting equipment.

“The engineering company estimates that we’ll save $4,000 per year in energy costs. So we installed In-Situ Inc.’s Level TROLL, Con TROLL PRO System, and a TROLL Link Telemetry System. By reducing energy expenses, we’ll be able to pay for the system within one year.”

Tim Couch, District Manager

Sauvie Island Drainage Improvement Company

Aquifer Characterization

Streamline Aquifer Testing – Reduce Field and Data Collection Time

In-Situ’s Virtual HERMIT Aquifer Testing Kit lets you monitor an entire well field with one system. Simultaneously configure, start, view, step, or stop all connected data loggers, or set up equipment to run tests at a pre-set time. Aquifer testing has never been so easy, simplifying data collection even at remote sites. Plus, In-Situ’s professional-grade water level monitoring loggers ensure you get the most accurate data possible.