Groundwater Monitoring Applications

Collect the most accurate short- and long-term water level and water quality data for your project using In-Situ equipment. We design and manufacture every instrument to perform under harsh conditions for years.

“We first tried the Level TROLL® 500 at The Rigolets, the saltwater outlet of Lake Pontchartrain to the Gulf of Mexico. The sensor’s titanium body stood up against zebra mussels, barnacles, and the corrosive effects of saltwater, making it more reliable than any other instrument we’ve used in this challenging environment.”

Bill Emmett (ret.)

U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, New Orleans District

Ground Water Quality & Pollution Monitoring

Solutions for Any Industry

Check out our water level data loggers for groundwater management plans, determining water influences and uses, estimating recharge rates, and long-term groundwater monitoring. We’ve also got a range of water quality monitoring probes for groundwater sampling and long-term, continuous groundwater quality monitoring.