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More Information about low-flow sampling:

Improve sample quality and representativeness, while reducing wastewater generated by sample purging. In-Situ offers a variety of systems to meet your sampling requirements.

Low-Flow Purging and Sampling

Low-flow purging and sampling (ASTM standard D67771) is a well-known method of extracting groundwater samples from a well at a very low rate (less than 500 mL/min) in order to minimize contaminant volatilization and the amount of wastewater generated. Once key water quality parameters stabilize, a sample can be taken with the assurance that it is representative of the formation water. Well-defined federal and regional guidelines are in place to ensure consistent sampling procedures and data quality.

Advantages to Low-Flow Sampling:

The low-flow purging and sampling methodology offers several advantages over traditional purging methods. These include:

  • Improved sample quality through reduced turbidity and minimized degassing and volatilization. Since turbidity no longer measurably affects sample chemistry, sample filtration can be eliminated, further reducing sampling costs and analytical expenses.
  • Improved sample accuracy and precision, allowing users to identify true trends in geochemistry, and avoiding regulatory issues with suspected contamination and costly resampling to explain erroneous results.
  • Simpler and less expensive sampling systems, as the need for high-flow purging pumps is eliminated.
  • Increased well life via low pumping rates, which preserve the integrity of the filter pack and well seal, and reduce the movement of fine sediments into the well, extending the useful life of the well and reducing the need for well maintenance.

The In-Situ Low-Flow Sampling System and VuSitu Mobile App saves you time and money by improving low-flow sampling efficiency, minimizing errors, and producing professional and defensible reports.

Advantages to Using VuSitu Software for Low-Flow Sampling:

  • Automated Test Setup: User, site, well, and pump information is retained by the software and can be used at any sampling event. Simply select the sampling location from a pick list at each sampling event and all historical information is available.
  • Automated Data Collection: Stabilization criteria are set for each monitored parameter and data collection intervals are defined by time or pumped volumes. The software automatically calculates and displays variance during the sampling event. Data is logged automatically at determined intervals.
  • Automated Test and Calibration Reports: After stabilization, stored data can be exported to Microsoft® Excel®. VuSitu automatically generates full calibration and sample reports that conform to federal and regional regulations. You’ll eliminate calculations and transcription errors. Plus, you can customize reports to better meet your clients reporting requirements.

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