Hydraulic Fracturing Applications

Boost operational efficiency, prevent fracking water contamination and ensure regulatory compliance at your shale oil and gas site. In-Situ’s EPA-approved fracking water quality technologies help you achieve best practices at lower cost, protecting your company and water resources.

“With continuous monitoring of water levels throughout the District and implementation of a drought trigger policy, the District minimizes the undesired results of groundwater exploitation. The enactment of conservation measures and reduction of pumping under conditional permits will minimize adverse impacts to water supply wells and to the endangered salamanders.”

Brian Smith Ph.D., P.G.

Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District (BSEACD) in Central Texas

Fracking Water Management

Options to Suit Your Exact Needs

In-Situ’s fracking water quality solutions make it easy to manage water resources at critical points throughout the well life cycle. In-Situ tools offer streamlined setup and automated site management, allowing you to easily connect with your existing telemetry system. See our two part article “Improve Water Monitoring Throughout the Lifecycle of a Frac Well” in Shale Play Water Management magazine:

Part One | Part Two