In-Situ Wins Supplier Partner Award

Thermo Fisher Scientific, one of In-Situ’s valuable partners, has graciously awarded us the 2014 Supplier Partner Award. Thermo Fisher explains below: In-Situ has been an excellent partner and a consistent performer over the last few years, and again in 2014, … Continued

In-Situ® Inc. Announces HydroVu™ Data Services

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: In-Situ® Inc. Announces HydroVu™ Data Services FORT COLLINS, COLORADO, June 24, 2015—In-Situ® Inc. has officially launched HydroVu™, a new website for remote water monitoring. HydroVu provides customers secure access to decision-quality data when, where, and how they … Continued

HydroVu Coming Soon…

Why do you use In-Situ products today?  When customers are asked this question concerning their water level or quality instrumentation, the answer is frequently about how In-Situ makes the most reliable and accurate product available, or that it’s backed by … Continued

Water Level Measurements-Part 1

Confused about which instrumentation to use in your water level monitoring system? In-Situ offers two categories of pressure sensors for water level measurements: absolute or non-vented sensors, and gauged or vented sensors. They look the same and both measure pressure … Continued

Welcome to the New Site!

Welcome to our new website and blog! If you’re already familiar with In-Situ, you’ll quickly notice several updates (hello yellow!).  Curious about where the yellow came from, or why we felt the need to overhaul our entire site? Just read … Continued