Otherworldly Fumarole Caves No Match for In-Situ CTD Logger

Uncategorized / Dec 11, 2017

Aqua TROLL 200 Yields Valuable Data to Improve Understanding of Mt. Rainier Micro-Climates After working with In-Situ customers for more than two decades, I’ve come across a lot of interesting use cases and deployment challenges. These sometimes-extreme environments can put … Continue

Groundwater Sampling – Are we doing it right?

Tech Tips / Nov 29, 2017

The Future of Contaminated Land Risk Assessment I was recently invited to lead a groundwater sampling workshop at the Janet Watson meeting of the Geological Society on November 7th, 2017. This was a fascinating 2-day conference covering everything from conceptual … Continue

Big Data and Barometric Compensation

Tech Tips / Nov 1, 2017

Is global barometric data accuracy good enough? I was recently sent some information of a research group working on the design of a low cost data logger system for measuring water levels. This is conceptualized as a total pressure logger, … Continue

A Guide to Remediation Applications

Uncategorized / Sep 29, 2017

Improve remediation outcomes, accelerate site closures, and reduce total project costs with accurate, stable instruments that provide real-time monitoring. Not sure what solutions are right for you? We’re here to help! Find your application on this graphic to discover the … Continue

VuSitu Mobile App for Water Level is Here!

Product Releases / Sep 29, 2017

We’re excited to announce our latest VuSitu Mobile App update, and it’s a big one! You can now use VuSitu to set up and manage nearly all your In-Situ equipment, including your water level instruments!  We’ve combined our software expertise with … Continue

Monitoring a Remediation Process in Real-Time

Uncategorized / Sep 8, 2017

Monitoring a Remediation Process in Real-Time High-resolution monitoring saves time (and money!)   This study was conducted by Adam Hobson and his colleagues at S.S. Papadopulos & Associates in the United States. Adam will be presenting this study at the … Continue

Purge Volumes in Groundwater Sampling – Part 2

Tech Tips / May 18, 2017

Differences Between Purge Volume Calculations In Peter Dumble’s blog (Part 1), he presented some notes on purge volume methods and indicated those which are supported by science and those which are included in guidance. In this blog, Dumble takes a hard look … Continue

Screen Volume and Low Flow Groundwater Sampling

Tech Tips / May 18, 2017

Fully or Partially Purged – Does It Matter? When taking a groundwater sample from a well or borehole, understanding just where the water sample originates within the groundwater body is critical, particularly when contaminants are present. Research by Lindsay McMillan … Continue