Purge Volumes in Groundwater Sampling – Part 2

Differences Between Purge Volume Calculations In Peter Dumble’s blog (Part 1), he presented some notes on purge volume methods and indicated those which are supported by science and those which are included in guidance. In this blog, Dumble takes a hard look at the purge volume numbers and the differences between the methods and try to understand … Continued

Screen Volume and Low Flow Groundwater Sampling

Fully or Partially Purged – Does It Matter? When taking a groundwater sample from a well or borehole, understanding just where the water sample originates within the groundwater body is critical, particularly when contaminants are present. Research by Lindsay McMillan highlights significant uncertainties in the interpretation of water quality data not only in long screen … Continued

Optical DO Use in the State of New Jersey

OMGaretheyhappy Who? Just everyone who must do low-flow sampling in New Jersey, that’s all! Why? Well, before I tell you the great news New Jerseyans are celebrating, let’s all just take a moment to bask with them in their happiness. It’s ok for people in New Jersey to be happy, you know. They were the … Continued

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