Earth Tides and Cyclical Groundwater Level Fluctuations
Gravitational Effects on Groundwater Levels

(Part 1)

I recently reviewed some high-frequency groundwater level monitoring data from several wells and observation boreholes located within a few kilometres of the Indian Ocean that had been described in a report as demonstrating “tidal” influences. The term “tidal’ infers that groundwater levels are being influenced by ocean tides, which raises the possibility of deterioration in … Continued

Discover data management time-savers and automation with API at NGWA

Most users of environmental equipment face serious challenges with data management. Issues run the gamut: Some groups struggle to reliably import data into their visualization system of choice because manufacturers use different file formats that change periodically. Some wrestle with data that gets scattered across multiple devices and PCs over time. For some it can … Continued

Florida Firm Builds Client Trust with Automated Data Collection

Overview: Florida-based AECOM Technical Services implements an automated groundwater monitoring network with HydroVu™ to help the City of Miami Beach address sea level rise. Challenge: Consulting firms conducting long-term groundwater monitoring can encounter costly inefficiencies and extended periods of liability. So, when AECOM contracted with the City of Miami Beach to help them better understand … Continued

Remote Data Collection Saves Firm Thousands in Labor Costs

Overview: Unable to regularly access remote monitoring sites, a Midwest engineering firm turns to cloud-based data management with outstanding results. Challenge: C&E firms often find it difficult to balance the time and cost to monitor remote sites with the need to capture changes as they happen and help their clients avoid millions of dollars in … Continued

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