Tale of Two Cities: Innovators Improve MS4 Monitoring Strategies

Success Stories / Oct 4, 2019

Dissatisfied with the quality and quantity of data available using traditional collection methods, Hoover, AL, turned to advancements in continuous monitoring to take its MS4 program to the next level. Not long after, Montgomery, AL, followed suit.

Sampling Groundwater in a DNAPL Source Zone

Tech Tips / Aug 13, 2019

Managing Uncertainty when Low-Flow Sampling At this year’s Land Remediation Expo at the NEC in Birmingham, September 11-12, 2019, I am presenting a summary of practical findings arising from research at the University of Birmingham related to the complexity of … Continue

Technology Keeps Catfish Jumping and Profits Steady

Success Stories / Jun 28, 2019

Andy Jones compares the catfish industry to the jagged graph of a heartbeat displayed on an EKG machine. The peaks and valleys of that pulsating line are a vivid metaphor for the fluctuating fortunes of a seasonal business dependent on … Continue

The Drilling Course, 2019

Tech Tips / Jun 24, 2019

A Damp but Successful 6th Annual Drilling Course Here’s a picture of the course group and trainers from the 6th Annual Redr[1] / University of Cranfield drilling course (https://www.redr.org.uk/Training-Learning/Events/2019/May/The-Drilling-Course-Developing-Groundwater), which took place between May 7-10, 2019. There was the usual … Continue

CIGEM Puts Equipment to the Test to Find the Best Sampling Solution

Success Stories / May 21, 2019

China Institute of Geological Environmental Monitoring (CIGEM) is a public institution directly under the geological survey of China. It is responsible for the construction and management of the national geological environment monitoring network; the monitoring, forecasting, early warning and related … Continue