5 Smart Technologies You Don’t Want to Miss at Singapore International Water Week!

At this year’s Singapore International Water Week, we’re showcasing our smartest, most comprehensive product offering yet, for surface water and groundwater monitoring.

Whether you need to monitor a complex set of parameters to calculate the Water Quality Index of a stream, or you want to learn how to manage all of your sites remotely using one system, our team of experts will be on hand at booth B2-N12 to share the latest in leading-edge technology designed to bring your monitoring programs into the 21st century.

Here’s an early look at 5 smart technologies you don’t want to miss:

1. FloPro XCi Smart Monitoring System –Simultaneously measure flow, water quality, water level, and rainfall, with this flexible, scalable system. Easily integrate with SCADA and telemetry systems for real-time, remote monitoring.


2. Doppler Ultrasonic Insert Velocity Sensor – Measure velocity in full pipes, or combine with an EchoFlo depth sensor for use in partially full pipes. Easily installs into existing pipework where the outside wall is accessible.


3. Aqua TROLL Multiparameter Sondes – The Aqua TROLL 500 and 600 base sensors include: RDO Optical Dissolved Oxygen, pH/ORP, Turbidity, Conductivity, Temperature, Level/Pressure, Salinity, Resistivity, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), and Density. Ammonium, Chloride, and Nitrate, Ion-Selective Electrodes (ISE) are available.  Easily integrate with MACE devices, telemetry or SCADA/Modbus systems to collect high-quality data, unattended, for months as opposed to weeks.


4. Rugged TROLL 200 Data Logger – This economical, non-vented data logger measures water level, water pressure, and temperature. With a direct-read cable system, you can download data on-site, or easily integrate with MACE devices, telemetry, or SCADA/Modbus systems for real-time, remote monitoring. Its titanium construction enables long-term operation in fresh or saline groundwater and surface-water environments.


5. HydroVu Data Services – Get real-time, decision-quality data on your remote monitoring sites anywhere, anytime. Cloud-based HydroVu gives you up-to-date access to your data while simplifying data filtering for important results. Easily manage multiple sites, and share data with key stakeholders anywhere in the world.


I hope you’ll stop by our booth to find out why we’re trusted to be “Your Eyes in the Field”.

Kanaiya Naik

Director of Sales and Marketing, Asia

Email | knaik@in-situ.com

+1 970 498 1620 | Direct