New Patented Fluorometer Technology Improves Detection of Harmful Algal Blooms and Tracer Studies

In-Situ has announced a new line of fluorometers compatible with the company’s popular Aqua TROLL 500 and Aqua TROLL 600 Multiparameter Sondes. The line includes: Rhodamine WT, Chlorophyll a, Phycocyanin (BGA-PC), and Phycoerythrin (BGA-PE) sensors, ideal for lake and river monitoring as well as coastal studies. The sensors will be the latest addition to the … Continued

VuSitu Mobile App for Water Level is Here!

We’re excited to announce our latest VuSitu Mobile App update, and it’s a big one! You can now use VuSitu to set up and manage nearly all your In-Situ equipment, including your water level instruments!  We’ve combined our software expertise with our rugged and reliable water level instrumentation, which means you can now enjoy a simple, … Continued

Ammonium, Nitrate, and Chloride ISE Sensors Now Available for the Aqua TROLL 600 Multiparameter Sonde

We are pleased to announce that the Aqua TROLL 600’s expanding platform of water quality sensors now includes Ammonium, Nitrate, and Chloride Ion-Selective Electrode (ISE) Sensors! These new sensors offer the accuracy, reliability, ease of use, and stability you expect from In-Situ, and are compatible on all existing Aqua TROLL 600 Multiparameter Sondes by simply … Continued

Because Blue is the New Red…

We are excited to introduce the newest additions to our water level product line, the Water Level Meter 100 & 200! In-Situ water level tapes now come standard with all the features you need, and without the added cost, making blue the new red… Well-known for our industry-leading water level instrumentation, we have carried our … Continued

New low-flow features for VuSitu, and other exciting In-Situ software updates.

We’re happy to announce our latest in mobile software, the VuSitu for Android™ Low-Flow feature — now compatible with both the smarTROLL Multiparameter Handheld and the Aqua TROLL 600 Multiparameter Sonde! Building upon the foundation of iSitu, In-Situ’s iOS mobile app, VuSitu Low-Flow allows the same managed workflow as iSitu. All well, site, and pump … Continued

The latest and greatest in water monitoring software was just released…

We’re proud to announce two new releases of our flagship water monitoring and analysis software products, HydroVu Data Services and the VuSitu Mobile App. VuSitu for Android™ 1.1 now includes support for the Aqua TROLL 600 Multiparameter Sonde. Connect wirelessly from your Android smartphone to the Aqua TROLL 600 via Bluetooth® for easy and quick calibrations. Pair … Continued

Introducing the Aqua TROLL 600 Water Quality Platform

Drumroll please…the newest advancement in state-of-the-art water monitoring technology is here! Introducing the Aqua TROLL® 600 Multiparameter Sonde, with field access through the VuSitu™ Mobile App for Android™. With a 9+ month battery life, advanced antifouling systems, and drift-resistant smart sensors, we are proud to offer you a water quality sonde suited for all your … Continued

smarTROLL Now Available on Android™

    Android Users – You Spoke, We Listened Your voices have always driven our product developments, and VuSitu™ is example of just that. You asked us to expand our iSitu mobile app technology to the Android platform, and we’re happy to tell you that day has finally come. Today, we officially announced that our … Continued

In-Situ® Inc. Announces HydroVu™ Data Services

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: In-Situ® Inc. Announces HydroVu™ Data Services FORT COLLINS, COLORADO, June 24, 2015—In-Situ® Inc. has officially launched HydroVu™, a new website for remote water monitoring. HydroVu provides customers secure access to decision-quality data when, where, and how they need it. Water quality and quantity data can be difficult and costly to retrieve and … Continued

HydroVu Coming Soon…

Why do you use In-Situ products today?  When customers are asked this question concerning their water level or quality instrumentation, the answer is frequently about how In-Situ makes the most reliable and accurate product available, or that it’s backed by In-Situ’s world-class product support.  But most often, the answers center on how easy the product … Continued

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