Supporting MSc Hydrogeology at Birmingham University

Tech Tips / Apr 29, 2019

It been more than 40 years since I was a student on the MSc Hydrogeology course at Birmingham University and 20 years since I was first invited to lead a demonstration and talk on groundwater sampling equipment for students there. … Continue


Tech Tips / Dec 20, 2018

Have you ever said this about your water body? You should have at least once. Because it is everywhere! Even the most pristine lakes have some algae. But how do you know how much is there and whether it’s too … Continue

Discover data management time-savers and automation with API at NGWA

Tech Tips / Dec 4, 2018

Most users of environmental equipment face serious challenges with data management. Issues run the gamut: Some groups struggle to reliably import data into their visualization system of choice because manufacturers use different file formats that change periodically. Some wrestle with … Continue

5 Ways to Improve Your Next Aquifer Test Results

Tech Tips / Jul 20, 2018

A thorough hydrogeologic site characterization is critical to the design of many engineering projects, from mine dewatering and groundwater treatment systems, to industrial water wells and aquifer storage projects. An aquifer test is a key component of the characterization process, … Continue

How Much to Purge?

Tech Tips / Jul 17, 2018

A modeling approach to purge volume guesstimation A novel approach to determine an optimum groundwater purging and sampling strategy was published last year in the Journal of Hydrology (Qi et al, 2017). This paper uses a numerical model to estimate … Continue