The Drilling Course, 2019

A Damp but Successful 6th Annual Drilling Course

Here’s a picture of the course group and trainers from the 6th Annual Redr[1] / University of Cranfield drilling course (, which took place between May 7-10, 2019.

There was the usual great mix of delegates from NGOs and industry alongside MSc students from the University of Cranfield. For the first time in years, the weather on the drilling day let us down – it rained all day! Very character building for all of us.

Thanks to….

The course simply could not run without the support of its sponsors, including In-Situ, which covers my time and provides staff and water level logging equipment.

For pumping tests, we used a Level TROLL 700 on the main pumping wells and Rugged TROLL 100s with a BaroTROLL in observation wells, recording at 10-second intervals.

The image shows this year’s drawdown and recovery record from the main pumping well, with early time data captured using a logarithmic sampling frequency.

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7th Annual Drilling Course – October 2019

Going forward, the Drilling Course will run at the end of October. This means there will be an extra course this year, provisionally scheduled from October 29 to November 1, 2019.  Keep an eye on the Redr website for more on their training courses and for booking details


[1]Registered Engineers for Disaster Relief

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