HydroVu Coming Soon…

Why do you use In-Situ products today?  When customers are asked this question concerning their water level or quality instrumentation, the answer is frequently about how In-Situ makes the most reliable and accurate product available, or that it’s backed by In-Situ’s world-class product support.  But most often, the answers center on how easy the product is to use.  In-Situ’s vented instruments allow for easy setup and accurate data without difficult barometric compensation.  Win-Situ 5 software offers a simple and painless experience for setting up your instrument and retrieving data logs.  Across the board it’s not just the specs of our instruments, you say it’s the simple experience that matters.

Increasingly, we’ve heard from our customers a desire for this experience to be expanded into remote monitoring solutions.  In response, we’ve just released our Tube and Cube telemetry systems.  No longer are you stuck using simple data logging, you can wirelessly send your data anywhere.  The Tubes and Cubes will send data from connected instrumentation periodically to any email account or ftp server you wish – and send SMS alerts on alarm conditions as well.

There’s no more need to spend hundreds or thousands of costly man-hours travelling to sites and physically collecting data.  Nor do you need to worry about incorrect configuration or calibration showing up in data long after the problem can be remedied, or even physical changes at your site like vandalism – you’ll know immediately if something goes wrong.  You can correct the problem, whatever it is, before the effects of missing or bad data grow to even more costly proportions.

But that’s not all we’ve heard from you.  What happens after you collect your logs, by hand or remotely?  The difficult task of assembling and organizing your data awaits.  Perhaps you’re digging for a particular piece of information, or need to prove certain conditions were met for your monitoring site.  Perhaps you simply need to put together graphs of the relevant data, or even just ensure the data is securely stored and available.  Regardless, it’s another set of tasks that consume your time and money – both better spent elsewhere.

I’m pleased to share a bit of our vision for a better solution to these problems.  We’ve taken our expertise in superior user experiences and applied it to our own new custom offering, HydroVu Data Services.  We’re not making another generic data center that forces you into 10,000 clicks to see a portion of the data you want to access.  There’s a myriad of ways to access your data quickly and efficiently, from map based filtering to our innovative custom labelling.  View all of the data you want to see in one compact, responsive dashboard.  And there’s tightly integrated hardware options that come preconfigured – all you need to do is plug in the battery in situ.

It’s what you love about using In-Situ products, in solution form.  HydroVu — your data, how you want it.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks here and across all of our communications for more details on this exciting new solution.



Matt Trumbo
Product Manager

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