Planning for Groundwater Level Monitoring in Bangladesh

Trialling a new Bluetooth communication system with dataloggers

Picture 1: Tom Stone demonstrating the setup and use of the VuSitu app on an Android tablet.

My last blog on the work of Groundwater Relief ( ) in Bangladesh generated considerable interest. So, here’s an update along with some observations on new equipment for downloading data from water level logging devices.

Planning and training

As well as returning to Bangladesh in mid-January to initiate a water well drilling program at Rohingya refugee camps, Geraint Burrows, CEO of Groundwater Relief, will be establishing a small groundwater level monitoring network using In-Situ Rugged Troll loggers to collect data.

In preparation for the trip, and to get some hands-on practice, Geraint met up with myself and Tom Stone of In-Situ (Europe) in early January for a discussion and demo around my kitchen table (Pictures 1).  Geraint had previously purchased two new Bluetooth communication units to take with him to Bangladesh, and we were both keen to learn how to use these.

For myself – someone who has been using a laptop rather clumsily in the field for many years – this was quite a revelation.  No cable or laptop needed, plus the ability to share data (phone signal permitting) as soon as data are collected.

The VuSitu Android software links up efficiently with the In-Situ Bluetooth coms unit and provides a clean and modern interface to set up and collect data.  All relatively straightforward and simple.  And VuSitu itself is easy to download onto any Android phone (Picture 2).

The Bluetooth system is definitely worth a look at, even for skeptics like me who would probably still carry a cabled docking station and laptop with me just in case…  I’m now interested to learn how well these new devices cope in the field and hope to share Geraint’s experiences (and hopefully some of his data) in a future blog.

Back to the Village Well

Meanwhile, as a final test for VuSitu and the wireless coms device, we used the system (very easily) to re-program and re-install a Rugged Troll data logger and Rugged BaroTroll into the village well where I have been monitoring water levels since 2014 (Picture 2).

Picture 2: Programming a Rugged Troll Data Logger with the new VuSitu App, and Wireless Rugged TROLL Com at the village well.

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