Real-Time Oxygen Monitoring Improves Game & Fish Stocking Program

smarTROLL RDO Probe System Keeps Fish Healthier and Reduces Loss

In 2013, Jerry Weigel, a Fisheries Production and Development Section Leader with the North Dakota Game & Fish Department, worked with In-Situ to develop a multi-tank monitoring system for the Department’s fish transport trucks.  Since that time, both the North Dakota and Wyoming Game & Fish Departments have standardized on smarTROLL Rugged Dissolved Oxygen (RDO) systems in their transport fleets.

Real-time oxygen monitoring during fish transport saves the State hundreds-to-thousands of dollars in fish losses, and keeps fish healthier until they reach the stocking destination.

The smarTROLL RDO Handheld system is ideal for its:

  • Zero maintenance DO probe: No need to keep the sensor moist or calibrate with each use. The probes work for the entire season no matter how long the tank sets dry – even after a dichlorination/disinfection, or any abuse done to-date.
  • Simple and compact system of communication: From the probe to the monitoring screen. After the cable connector is removed, the probe’s cable is pulled through a conduit from the tank to a control box, where the cable connector is reattached.

When speaking about his experience using the smarTROLL system, Jerry says, “I’ve been running the system since I worked with In-Situ to develop it back in the summer of 2013. I’ve depended on this system, and monitored with it for more than a thousand hours of runtime and counting.

Jerry is presenting about his experiences using the smarTROLL RDO in the State’s fish transport fleets on February 5th at the Midcontinent Warm Water Fish Culture Workshop in Paris, Arkansas. Attendees will include hatchery staff representatives from nearly 30 states in the US.

See the complete setup below:


Figure 1 The control box stores the Bluetooth units.
Figure 2 Front of transport trailer
Figure 3 Probe secured (tie wrap) the back of the circulation tube, positioned at the center of the water column
Figure 4 iPad (no android option when we bought it ) setup for monitoring in the pickup cab.
Figure 5 Complete setup

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smarTROLL RDO Handheld

For more information about the system, contact:

Jerry Weigel
North Dakota Game & Fish Department
(701) 220-5342
100 N. Bismark Expressway
Bismark, ND 58501

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