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HydroVu allows me to see key changes in environmental conditions that indicate a deviation in pH that could curtail biodegradation, or that an oxidant has become spent and is no longer reactive.

Brian Symons
Senior Technology Manager
Foth Infrastructure & Environment

HydroVu Data Services

Dec 10, 2018 / Success Stories


FOTH – Remote Data Collection Saves Firm Thousands in Labor Costs


Unable to regularly access remote monitoring sites, a Midwest engineering firm turns to cloud-based data management with outstanding results.


C&E firms often find it difficult to balance the time and cost to monitor remote sites with the need to capture changes as they happen and help their clients avoid millions of dollars in remediation and extended costs.

As Senior Technology Manager for Foth Infrastructure & Environment, Brian Symons is often called on to monitor changes in groundwater and surface water at multiple sites, some of which are so remote it’s not possible to collect measurements on a daily, weekly, monthly or even quarterly basis. Without regular physical access to a site, it’s possible to miss significant changes including increases or decreases in water level; deviation from optimal pH; or reduced dissolved oxygen or temperature that could curtail biodegradation.


To improve visibility at his remote sites, Symons turned to In-Situ’s cloud-based HydroVu™. At one site, he used HydroVu to monitor three wells during an in-situ chemical oxidation treatment of potassium permanganate in groundwater.

“The real-time data allowed me to accurately determine when the oxidant reaction was essentially complete so post-treatment monitoring could be performed before significant dissolved concentration rebound of the targeted chemical could occur,” says Symons.

At this same site, Symons used HydroVu to observe changes in water level at one well where he suspected precipitation leakage. While leakage wasn’t occurring at this site, by using In-Situ’s data loggers at a different site, he was able to show that leakage was occurring and that it can be a very short-term condition that can go unnoticed


Symons now relies on HydroVu to provide the real-time, accurate data he needs to refine site characterization and track treatment progress at multiple sites across the country from his office in Kansas City.

Foth is currently using HydroVu to monitor the effects of vacuum-enhanced extraction on groundwater quality in an aquifer beneath an operating gas station, collecting data that shows changes in ORP, water level, DO and temperature as a function of time.

And at a remote manufacturing facility, the company is using HydroVu with an Aqua TROLL 600 and Tube 300R transmitter to monitor remedial action to remove oil from stormwater at the stormwater outlet.

Symons says that the ability to monitor equipment remotely has saved thousands of dollars in travel and labor costs and allowed more effective site management.


Original case study written by Brian Symons, BJ Evans