Supporting MSc Hydrogeology at Birmingham University

With Professor John Tellam (left)

It been more than 40 years since I was a student on the MSc Hydrogeology course at Birmingham University and 20 years since I was first invited to lead a demonstration and talk on groundwater sampling equipment for students there.

The latest of these was delivered on February 26, 2019. This coincided with the hottest winter’s day on record in the UK, when temperatures reached the unseasonal heights of 68 degrees.

These are always enjoyable occasions, supported generously by In-Situ, which provides a considerable range of groundwater monitoring equipment that Kayleigh Smith, from In-Situ Europe, and I use to demonstrate its use and discuss pros and cons and limitations. For most of the students, this will be the first time they have seen monitoring equipment, so the session provides an invaluable bridge in their MSc program between theory and practice.

The big challenge for me is to keep the students interested and attentive when they are usually pre-occupied with their latest project deadline. This year it was a computer modelling exercise due for submission the following week!


Demonstrating an Internal Pump. Note the sunshine and short sleeves – unheard of in the UK in February!



Talking about Flow Sampling in the MSc course room.


Supporting Research

In-Situ has supported research in Hydrogeology at Birmingham University for many years (see links below) and will be making equipment available this year for at least one MSc project.

For more on Hydrogeology research and teaching at Birmingham University see:

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Links to In-Situ groundwater monitoring equipment and CPD training courses

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