Top 3 Benefits of Renting Water Monitoring Equipment Directly from the Manufacturer

There are several reasons you might consider renting environmental sampling equipment: maybe it just makes more sense to rent equipment for a project rather than buy it, or perhaps you want to try the product before you make the commitment. Whatever the reason, and whatever the project, consider the following benefits of going directly to the manufacturer for environmental equipment rentals.

We should note that we can only guarantee the following benefits are true of In-Situ® Rentals. If you’re considering another source, use this as a guide for selecting the best rental provider for your project needs.

#1: It’s reliable.
Renting directly from the factory means you’re guaranteed to get the best-maintained equipment in the industry. Every instrument is thoroughly cleaned, decontaminated, calibrated, and certified by factory technicians to ensure proper operation on the job site, every time. You will receive equipment that is ready to work as hard as you do, which means you can focus on collecting accurate data instead of troubleshooting equipment problems.

“I have rented from In-Situ for over 6 years and I have confidence that
equipment from their rental pool will arrive in good working condition.
They have a comprehensive decontamination and maintenance program
that I have come to trust.” – Stephen F., Weston Solutions, Inc.

#2: It’s quick.
Call by 2:00 pm MST and your equipment will be on your doorstep or jobsite the next morning. Rentals are available for days, weeks, or months at a time.

Large rental? Need a high volume of a specific product? No problem! We maintain a huge inventory of water level and water quality testing equipment and supplies for immediate shipment. Large rentals can also benefit from our Virtual Hermit Aquifer Testing Kit. It allows you to connect multiple wells and program all of your data loggers at once, and is only available through In-Situ Rentals.

#3: It’s easy.
Environmental equipment rentals can be a cost- and time-saving solution for your project if you receive the right instrumentation and reliable equipment. From product selection to technical support, application specialists are ready to provide their expertise so you get the equipment and support you need. If there’s a question about the match between your project requirements and your equipment order, we will bring it to your attention. In the end, you get the right equipment – no more and no less – for your particular job. On-site training can also be provided (if needed) to help streamline deployment, and 24/7 project support is always just a phone call away. We don’t just ship instrumentation – we provide solutions.

Field season is here, so if you’re looking for the newest instruments and technologies, consider environmental equipment rentals. If you’re in search of a new rental partner, renting directly from the supplier can save you time, money, and stress. You know you’re getting the right equipment for the job, on-time, and ready for immediate deployment.


“The biggest thing is that the equipment is in good shape and working order,
and that it’s properly maintained.  We’ve used equipment from other places that
came to us and it didn’t work right.  That costs us more than anything because
you have something planned, and then have to shut it down for a couple days
due to equipment failure.” – Ryan A.

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