VuSitu Now Available On iOS

Isn’t it a bummer when there’s an app you love…and it’s available only on iOS or Android? I’m frustrated by this situation so often, and yet here we are doing the same thing to you, our customers. Since its release, our VuSitu mobile app has been available only on Android devices!

Well, today that ends. I’m proud to announce that VuSitu for iOS is now available for download on the Apple App Store. Every feature of VuSitu Android has survived the transition – our Calibration Assistant, Panoramic Live Data, Groundwater Sampling Assistant, and everything else. It’s all there; no compromises. And because both apps are based on the same underlying code, you can expect them to maintain identical feature sets going forward.

It’s been quite a journey to get here. Before we could even consider making VuSitu cross-platform, we had to address huge issues, such as support for all of our instrumentation, Groundwater Sampling Assistant support, and support for the myriad additions to hardware and sensors we’ve released over the last few years – a portfolio that will continue to grow!

Then we had to rewrite the entire app in a cross-platform framework to support multiple platforms simultaneously – an incredibly difficult task given the features listed above. I’m so proud of our software team and the work they’ve accomplished.

And we’re not stopping here! More platforms, more hardware support, and more features big and small are coming. Thanks for sharing this part of the journey with us and letting us be Your Eyes In The Field.