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HydroVu seamlessly integrates with In-Situ instruments and telemetry. Simply connect your hardware and log in to see your data.

See significant savings with lower maintenance and data-collection costs.

Get the most from your data with macro and micro views.

In-Situ instrumentation and software gives users the ability to pull data directly into EQuIS Collect or EDGE,” says EarthSoft CEO and Founder Mitch Beard. “By selecting In-Situ as a preferred provider, we’re able to streamline data import for EQuIS users, simplify data management, and save our clients money and valuable time.
EarthSoft certifies In-Situ instrumentation and the HydroVu API for use with EQuIS Collect and Edge. Read full release
Many of our remediation injection sites are remote so I cannot collect frequent measurements on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly basis. HydroVu allows me to see key changes in environmental conditions that indicate a deviation in pH that could curtail biodegradation, or that an oxidant has become spent and is no longer reactive.
Brian Symons, Senior Technology Manager at Foth Infrastructure & Environment
One of our major projects involves the remediation of a large plume of chlorinated VOCs and hexavalent chromium, using enhanced reductive dechlorination processes along with groundwater recirculation systems. With HydroVu, we are able to track real-time changes in groundwater conditions downgradient of key injection points. HydroVu allows us to visually share the results of our program with our clients, often with a single screen-shot.
Danny Dolan, Project Geologist, Bowyer Environmental Consulting, Inc.
When we saw HydroVu, we realized it was a great tool. We could eliminate the manual download of data loggers and instead, give our client a better way to access and view their data in near real-time. HydroVu is a reliable, long-term option to manage and utilize groundwater data for the client’s own self-benefit.
Michael Bennett, Project Manager, AECOM