We Support Our Industries

We participate in many industries and interact with great organizations.




The Colorado Water Innovation Cluster was formed to stimulate collaboration and leverage community resources to drive economic development and primary jobs in Colorado. Our OEM Sales Manager participates as a member of the Board of Directors.



ACT is a partnership of research institutions, resource managers, and private sector companies dedicated to fostering the development and adoption of effective and reliable sensors and platforms for use in coastal, freshwater and ocean environments.


The National Water Quality Monitoring Council provides a national forum for coordination of comparable and scientifically defensible methods and strategies to improve water quality monitoring, assessment and reporting, and promotes partnerships to foster collaboration, advance the science, and improve management within all elements of the water quality monitoring community. We proudly participate in the Aquatic Sensors Workgroup to help define standards for continuous monitoring techniques.


ASTM develops and publishes technical standards. In-Situ has been a member since 2000, providing input for developing methods in water sensing.


Standard Methods develops and publishes analytic techniques to determine water quality. In-Situ has been a member of the Standard Methods Committee since 2010.