OEM Solutions

In-Situ partners with leading companies to deliver advanced systems for water monitoring. Breakthrough Rugged Dissolved Oxygen (RDO) Technology and the multi-purpose Con TROLL PRO System can be used in a variety of aquaculture and water treatment settings.


OEM Partnerships

If you’re looking for cutting-edge optical DO technology or economical controller technology, contact In-Situ’s OEM Sales Manager. In-Situ offers turn-key and customized solutions for our partners.


RDO Technology Advances DO Monitoring

In-Situ’s RDO Technology has rapidly gained acceptance as the premier technology for optical measurement of DO. In-Situ customers benefit from extensive field testing and EPA-approval of three RDO methods—DO, BOD, and CBOD.

Kate Haga

Kate Haga

OEM Product Manager

Home Base: Fort Collins, CO

Email: khaga@in-situ.com

Phone: 1-800-446-7488 x 663
Cell: 970.880.1280

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