Streamline surface water monitoring

Low-Flow Sampling Made Easy

In-Situ’s new Aqua TROLL 600 Multiparameter Sonde features wireless connection to Android™ devices, so now you can access and store sampling data right on your phone. App-based control lets you:

  • Automate sampling setup and calibration
  • Monitor and record the stabilization of key water quality parameters
  • Automatically generate and share reports

The app can store multiple locations, so everything you need for a quick, efficient sampling is right on your phone.


Sampling taking too much time?

In-Situ’s smarTROLL Multiparameter Handheld with Android or iOS™ mobile interface simplifies stormwater spot checks. No training time is required to use the handheld or the smartphone apps. View results for 14 parameters on your smartphone—no bulky meter required. Email results or log data to your smartphone. Find sampling sites with GPS and photo tags.


Reliably Monitor Water Levels with In-Situ Data Loggers

In-Situ provides water level/pressure and temperature data loggers for long-term monitoring, capture analysis testing, soil vapor extraction, pump-and-treat operations, and other remediation applications. Deploy titanium Level TROLL 400, 500, or 700 Instruments in polluted environments.


Anchor QEA Case Study

Remediation Site Uses Innovative Pump-and-Treat System for Real-Time Control
by Tim Stone, Managing Geoscientist at Anchor QEA
Level TROLL 500 Data Loggers and Con TROLL PRO Systems maintain hydraulic gradient at a tidally influenced site. Read the case study.


The Data You Need, How You Want It

In-Situ announces the launch of HydroVu, a new website for real-time information on your remote water monitoring sites. HydroVu provides secure access to decision-quality data when, where, and how you need it, while simplifying the task of filtering for important results.

  • Regularly view and analyze data
  • Keep track of all your projects in one cloud-based location
  • Minimize data gaps by receiving customizable alarm notifications

Integrate with the high-accuracy, low-maintenance Level TROLL instrument family and Tube and Cube telemetry systems for real-time feedback on all of your water monitoring sites.