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Rugged Cable Splitter

Split off a connection on a single cable and chain as many instruments together as needed.

smarTROLL Cable

Connects a smarTROLL MP or smarTROLL RDO Handheld Probe to the smarTROLL Battery Pack.


Provides real-time data communication for In-Situ instruments.

Rugged TROLL Direct-Read Cable

Connect a Rugged TROLL 200 Data Logger or Rugged BaroTROLL Data Logger directly to a computer orĀ other logger.

Rugged TROLL 200 Cable Hanger Kit

Secures a Rugged TROLL 200 Cable.

TROLL Cable Extender

Join two lengths of RuggedCable System without signal loss.

Suspension Cable

Suspends instrumentsĀ in deployment areas.

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