Calibration Products

Aqua TROLL Turbidity Standard

NIST-traceable turbidity calibration solution (polymer suspension) for Aqua TROLL 600 in 500 mL volumes. Available in 10 NTU, 100 NTU, 1000 NTU, 2000 NTU, or 4000 NTU.

Ammonium Calibration Kit

Calibration standard for ammonium Ion Sensitive Electrodes (ISEs).

Aqua TROLL 100 & 200 Calibration Cup

Calibration cup for an Aqua TROLL 100/200.

Chloride Calibration Kit

Calibration standard for chloride Ion Sensitive Electrodes (ISEs).

Conductivity Calibration Kit

NIST-traceable conductivity solutions for low-range, high-range, or full-range calibrations.

Conductivity Calibration Solution

Conductivity calibration solution. Available in 147, 1413, 12890, and 58670 µS/cm concentrations.

Dissolved Oxygen Calibration Kit

Sodium sulfite (Na2SO3) calibration solution and DI water when calibrating at 0% saturation.

Dissolved Oxygen Field Calibration Kit

Everything you need to perform 2-point dissolved oxygen calibrations on Aqua TROLL 400, Aqua TROLL 600, RDO PRO, RDO PRO-X, smarTROLL Multiparameter Handheld, and TROLL 9500 RDO sensors.

Nitrate Calibration Kit

Calibration standard for nitrate Ion Sensitive Electrodes (ISEs).

Quick Cal Solution

Calibration standard for dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH, and ORP.

pH Calibration Kit

NIST-traceable pH solutions for multi-point calibrations.

pH Calibration Solution

NIST-traceable calibration solution. Available in pH 4, 7, or 10 in various volumes.

pH Filling Solution

pH reference filling solution for Aqua TROLL 400s, smarTROLL MP Handhelds, and TROLL 9500 Multiparameter Sondes.

pH Sensor Reference Junction Kit

Replacement pH reference junctions and reference filling solution for pH sensors.

pH Electrode Storage Solution

Storage solution keeps pH probes working accurately.

RDO PRO Calibration and Storage Cup

Replacement calibration and storage cup for RDO PRO and RDO PRO-X probes.

RDO PRO Calibration Kit

Calibration kit for RDO PRO probes.

smarTROLL Multiparameter Handheld Storage & Calibration Cup

Fits directly onto the smarTROLL Multiparameter Handheld.

Sodium Sulfite (Na2SO3) DO Calibration Solution

Calibration solution for zero-point oxygen calibration.

Turbidity Calibration Solution

NIST-traceable turbidity calibration solution (polymer suspension) in 500 mL volumes. Available in 10 NTU, 100 NTU, 1000 NTU, or 1800 NTU.

Zobell’s ORP/Redox Calibration Solution

Calibration standard for ORP/Redox electrodes.