Flow Monitoring Products

MACE water flow monitoring equipment is designed to give you field-ready durability with accurate results you can trust. Whether you need to measure water flow, total volume, or level and velocity in open channels or closed pipes for industrial, wastewater, agriculture, and environmental markets, we’ve got your water flow testing needs covered.

Flow Monitoring Systems

The unique MACE XCi smart monitoring systems provide flexible and expandable site monitoring housed in rugged lockable enclosures. Battery, solar panels, and multiple card interface enable the user to control and log multiple sensors remotely from a single XCi device.

FloPro XCi

Measures flow as well as conductivity, pH and rainfall, and can utilize a downward looking ultrasonic depth sensor to measure pond levels.

AgriFlo XCi

Monitors inputs as diverse as irrigation flows, farm wastewater flows, water quality, dam levels, soil moisture, and pump/engine management systems.

HydroMace XCi

Monitors inputs ranging from flumes and weirs, water quality sensors and rainfall gauges, drinking water flows (leak detection), and weather stations.

Flow Sensors

MACE Doppler ultrasonic sensors for XCi devices transmit an ultrasonic (sound) wave into the flow. This sound wave is reflected by acoustically reflective particles (e.g. air bubbles, suspended solids), and the instrument detects these reflected frequencies. The difference between the transmitted frequency and the received frequencies is directly proportional to the velocity of the stream flow.

Doppler Ultrasonic Insert Velocity Sensor

Measures velocity and requires access to the outside wall of the pipe in which the sensor is to be mounted.

Doppler Ultrasonic Velocity Sensor

Measures velocity in full pipes when access to the pipe is available and the pipe can be emptied when installation/maintenance is required.

Doppler Ultrasonic Area/Velocity Sensor

Measures depth (using a capacitive pressure diaphragm) and velocity. Access to the monitoring point is required for installation and maintenance.