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Optional Upgraded Full Color Aquifer Testing Course Notebook (approx 500 pages).

Your course registration includes a black and white notebook.

This item is only available to Aquifer Testing course registrants.

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Course Topics:

Hydrogeologic Site Characterization

  • Learn to design the most effective aquifer test programs for a wide range of geologic conditions (including low permeability confining units and fractured bedrock)
  • Gain an advantage in your next aquifer test by mastering state-of-the-art field and data analysis procedures
  • Find out how to differentiate laterally extensive sands from isolated sand bodies in a single boring
  • Discover new techniques for anticipating and resolving problems that may arise in aquifer tests
  • Obtain step-by-step instruction for field screening using the In-Situ Level TROLL and computerized analysis using AQTESOLV

Slug Testing:

  • Learn to select and apply appropriate slug test models for different hydrogeologic settings and well configurations
  • Maximize results from tests conducted in wells screened across the water tab
  • Find out how to recognize and account for the effects of noninstantaneous (noisy) test initiation and wellbore skin
  • Discover the latest strategies for designing, conducting and analyzing tests in high-K media including oscillatory responses
  • Gain knowledge of new approaches for decreasing test duration in low-K media
  • Master all aspects of data collection with the In-Situ Level TROLL
  • Obtain hands-on experience with AQTESOLV analyzing data from a wide range of geologic settings

Pumping Tests:

  • Learn to design, conduct and analyze pumping tests in confined, leaky, unconfined and fractured aquifers
  • Master strategies for dealing with variable pumping rates, wellbore storage, partial penetration, well losses, wellbore skin and other common issues
  • Discover powerful diagnostic methods including derivative analysis that help you select appropriate pumping test models
  • Gain an advantage by applying Agarwal’s method for analysis of recovery data
  • Find out the best procedures for monitoring a pumping test with the Level TROLL
  • Master tips and tricks for using AQTESOLV to analyze constant-rate, step-drawdown and recovery test

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