Our new telemetry device, VuLink, is now available for pre-order! VuLink is a revolutionary in-well device that is quick to set up, has expanded reach, works anywhere, and comes with free data for life! We have ceased production of the Tube 300R and Tube 300S but will continue shipping while existing supplies last. All existing Tube 300 devices will be supported throughout their warranty life and can be traded in once VuLink becomes available. For more information about VuLink please visit our pre-order page.

The Tube 300R Telemetry System is a durable, stainless steel telemetry unit that can be used discreetly at borehole locations vulnerable to vandalism. The Tube 300R transmits data for a single instrument on a cellular network, with automated data logging and event alarms for remote data collection, configuration and troubleshooting. Easily integrate into HydroVu Data Services for real-time evaluation of site data and conditions.


  • 5+ year battery pack
  • Sub-2 inch diameter (5 cm / 1.97 inch body, 5.2 cm / 2.05 in top cap)
  • Data logging and transmission (direct-read or wireless)
  • Automatic barometric compensation
  • Alarm notifications for parameter thresholds, malfunction and tampering
  • IP68 rating (cannot operate submerged)
  • Connect up to 5 instruments with a TROLL Net Hub (sold separately)
  • 2G and 3G units available


  • Protect your investment – Low-profile system with automated alerts keeps equipment and data safe.
  • Less data processing – Built-in sensor automatically compensates for barometric pressure.
  • Streamline data collection – Integrate with HydroVu Data Services to simplify the task of filtering data for important results.
  • Respond to events faster – Real-time parameter threshold alerts keep you updated on important changes.
  • No more data gaps – System recognizes and sends any missed data, and duplicate logs give you confidence in even remote locations.
  • Save money – Low-maintenance unit and 5+ year deployments reduce equipment costs and trips to the field.

Product Images


  • Tube 300R unit
  • Battery pack
  • 512 MB SD Card
  • Quick Start Guide