The MACE EchoFlo Ultrasonic Depth Sensor features patented Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology that allows level measurement in a limited space. With a minimal 2″ (50mm) dead band and narrow beam-width, the EchoFlo Ultrasonic Depth Sensor can be deployed in a diverse range of applications.


  • Wastewater flow measurement through flumes (coupled with a MACE FloPro XCi, AgriFlo XCi or HydroMace XCi)
  • Level measurement in small tanks and sumps
  • Depth measurement in pipes
  • Other control automation applications where non-contact level measurement is desirable or necessary

The MACE EchoFlo is easy to configure using the free EchoCal software and economical to purchase and install.


  • Material Type: Polycarbonate and PVDF
  • Depth Range: 1.25m (49.2″) or 2.5m (98.4″)
  • Thread Type: 1″ NPT


  • I/O Card

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