Part Number: 850-329

The FloSeries3 I/O card supports seven sensor inputs and four control outputs including 4-20mA, voltage and digital.

The card also supplies 12V to power your add-on sensors.

Compatible Sensors:

  • MACE EchoFlo Ultrasonic Depth Sensor (eg. storage, fuel tank, channel level)
  • Water quality sensors (eg. pH,DO/EC)
  • Weather sensors (eg. rainfall, wind speed & direction)
  • Engine management (eg. temperature, pressure, RPM)
  • Water sampler


  • Analogue inputs (per card): 2 X 4-20mA inputs, 12 bit resolution, accuracy 0.5% of full scale; 2 X Voltage inputs (0-2.5V or 0-30V)
  • Analogue outputs (per card): 2 X 4-20mA outputs, 12 bit resolution, accuracy 0.5% of full scale
  • Digital inputs (per card): 2 X Frequency inputs, 16 bit resolution, range 0 – 65535Hz; 2 X Counter inputs, range 0 – 10Hz
  • Digital outputs (per card): 2 X digital/pulse outputs, open collector referenced to GND, range 0 – 10Hz
  • Power outputs (per card): 12 Volt switched power output for 3rd party sensor power

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