Part Number: 0089550

The Level TROLL 700H Data Logger is the most accurate water level data logger on the market today, meeting the USGS surface water specification of ±0.01 foot. The Level TROLL 700H provides continuous water level, water pressure, and temperature measurements, with titanium construction for durability and long-lasting performance in any environment. Available in vented (gauged) configuration in pressure ranges up to 35 ft (11 m). Integrate with telemetry systems and HydroVu Data Services for real-time feedback on all of your water monitoring sites.


  • Sub-1 inch diameter
  • Automatic atmospheric compensation
  • Advanced logging modes
  • Fully sealed, all titanium construction and sensors
  • NIST calibration report
  • Rugged Twist-lock cable sold separately


  • OSW-Compliant data – Sensor provides the highest possible accuracy (±0.01 foot) to meet USGS Office of Surface Water specifications.
  • Protect your data and your equipment – Solid titanium construction outlasts specially coated data loggers, even in harsh environments.
  • Simplify project setup and control – Open communications protocols easily integrate with existing telemetry systems and HydroVu Data Services, plus get 24/7 data and automatic event alerts.
  • Faster data collection – User-friendly software minimizes training and installation, with special logging modes for groundwater applications.
  • Streamline data analysis – Win-Situ Software automates water level corrections, post-processing, report generation and data export.
  • Reduce field time – Low-power loggers last 10+ years
  • Quick and easy data-sharing – View and share data on the spot using your mobile device. Intuitive VuSitu Mobile App is an all-in-one software package that provides auto-configuration, simplified calibration, directed data analysis, and automated report creation.

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  • Level/Pressure/Temperature Data Logger
  • Win-Situ 5 Software Available Here
  • NIST Calibration Report