Part Number: CTP

The Con TROLL Pro Process Controller is a controller with local display and data logging options that helps you simplify process control and continuous monitoring projects. Use the Con TROLL Pro for local installations with SCADA/PLC integration, or use it for remote field monitoring locations.

Low-voltage relays trigger a bell or flashing light, while high-voltage relays can control pumps or gates. Each Con TROLL PRO connects up to two instruments and is available in three models to fit your power needs:

  • AC-L Model for local SCADA/PLC control, which logs, displays, and transmits data.
  • DC-L Model for remote field deployments, which logs, displays, and transmits data (low-voltage relays only, runs on batteries or solar).


  • Communication options include Modbus/RS485 and 4-20 mA
  • Data transfer via Bluetooth®Wireless Technology
  • Measures ambient temperature and barometric pressure
  • Built-in pressure, salinity, and density compensation
  • Recognizes sensors automatically
  • Connect up to two of the following probes or data loggers: RDO PRO-X, Aqua TROLL 100/200, Aqua TROLL 400, Level TROLL 400/500/700 or Rugged TROLL 200 data loggers


  • Streamline data processing – Controller automates post-corrections, compensating for barometric pressure, salinity, and water density.
  • Respond to changes faster – 24/7 monitoring and control lets you identify process changes or malfunctions and trigger corrective measures.
  • Simple setup and control – Controller lets you program and calibrate instruments from the local display.
  • Save energy costs – Program equipment to automatically run based on parameter readings.

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