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Keep your stormwater under control with one system

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We're in the field 24/7, so you don’t have to be.

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Access real-time, decision-quality data to optimize BMPs

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Speed response time to prevent flooding, reduce CSOs, and improve water quality

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Stay in control with reliable equipment, automatic alerts, & 24/7 support from In-Situ

"With the Aqua TROLL 600 and HydroVu we get better data, better reports, and have a better handle on what’s happening in the river. If it’s sunny and dry and we see a peak in turbidity or pH, we know we should go look. There may be an illicit discharge."


Patrick Chavez, Stormwater Engineer, AMAFCA


One System - Total Support

From data collection to data management, In-Situ covers the entire process. Our open protocols and APIs allow you to use our instruments alone or add them to your system.

Case Studies

City of Miami Beach Stormwater Master Plan

Using data from an innovative groundwater monitoring network, the City of Miami Beach optimizes its 10-year, $400M stormwater management plan

Continuous monitoring (with the Aqua TROLL 600) enables The City of Hoover to identify more pollutant sources. With this system they can truly solve problems versus just collect data.
Dewayne Smith, Consultant, Hydro Engineering, LLC
We used an Aqua TROLL 600 with HydroVu to monitor elevations and water quality in stormwater discharge at a remote manufacturing plant undergoing remediation to remove residual oil. The system saved off-site environmental engineers several thousand dollars in travel and labor costs and allowed more effective management of the on-site oil recovery systems.
Brian Symons, Senior Technology Manager at Foth Infrastructure & Environment