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In-Situ Inc. designs, manufactures, and rents water quantity and quality instrumentation for groundwater, surface water, and coastal waters. Known for innovating top-quality water monitoring equipment, they also provide a full-solution offering for decision-quality data via easy integration with telemetry and data services.

For nearly 40 years, In-Situ products have provided accurate results and reliable operation in harsh monitoring conditions. Applications include aquifer characterization, mining, oil/gas, remediation, aquaculture, and more.

In-Situ offers world-class technical support 24/7 through a global network of regional offices and distributors, and is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colo., USA.

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Tale of Two Cities: Innovators Improve MS4 Monitoring Strategies

Dissatisfied with the quality and quantity of data available using traditional collection methods, Hoover, AL, turned to advancements in continuous monitoring to take its MS4 program to the next level. Not long after, Montgomery, AL, followed suit.

Numbers matter: Colorado group backs up restoration work with hard data

Wildlands Restoration Volunteers has spent years restoring Campbell Creek to its original splendor. Now, with donated equipment from In-Situ, they’re able to measure the full impact of their hard work.

Booming beach town secures water supply with new wells, better data

A coastal town reliant on aquifers for its drinking water works to prevent saltwater intrusion by diversifying water sources and installing monitoring equipment to provide near-real-time, actionable data.