Our Story

Over 40 years of Water Monitoring Innovations

In 1976, Chester McKee fulfilled a lifelong dream and founded In-Situ from the basement of his Laramie, Wyoming home. Now residing in a modern manufacturing facility in Fort Collins, CO, In-Situ has become an international company with over 130 employees that specializes in the design, manufacture, and worldwide sale of scientific equipment for the environmental, aquaculture, and industrial water-monitoring markets.

Throughout the years, In-Situ has become known for innovation, quality, and customer service. In 1984, the HERMIT® (Hydrologic, Environmental, Remediation and Monitoring InstrumenT) was the first datalogger in the industry to combine field-ruggedness with ease-of-use and high accuracy for pumping tests and long-term monitoring. It led to the development of the HERMIT 2000 and 3000 dataloggers. In 1989, In-Situ introduced the world’s first in-well water-level data logger. The TROLL® 4000, released in 1995, was the company’s first all-in-one datalogger/transducer/temperature sensor and became the industry standard for a complete, self-contained, long-term monitoring solution for groundwater.The name TROLL was chosen because like a HERMIT, it lives for long periods of isolation in the environment.

During the early years at In-Situ, much of the business stemmed from consulting and sales of monitoring equipment to the in-situ uranium mining industry. After the mining industry fell on hard times, In-Situ began selling its instruments to companies that were cleaning up hazardous waste sites. Throughout this early period, the company developed the practice of working closely with its customers. It is a practice that continues to the present day and is key to designing products that efficiently solve real-world problems. Today, In-Situ offers instruments that monitor groundwater, surface water, and coastal waters. Applications include aquaculture, mining, flood warning, stormwater monitoring, and more. Future product lines will continue to meet the ever-changing needs of our loyal and valued customers.

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Your Eyes In The Field

Your Eyes In The Field

In 2017, In-Situ is taking another innovative and bold step for our industry. We hope this strong and striking visual screams out the core of what we promise to you – performance you can trust. You can trust us and our solutions to the point that you can close your eyes; you can allow us to be Your Eyes In The Field.

In-Situ literally means ‘in place’, and ultimately what we provide is the ability to take the measurement at the point of measure. When you take a sample to the laboratory, you’re working in an ideal condition. When you take a measurement in the field (at the point of measure), you have to trust that the equipment and data will be accurate and reliable … you have to trust that it will continue to work even when you can’t see it.